The future is now

At Quinta da Alameda, decisions are aligned with our commitment to sustainability.


Renewable and recyclable, cardboard packaging helps to reduce our ecological footprint, ensuring that our wines reach you responsibly. The use of lightweight bottles is also in line with Alameda sustainable packaging, since these require less glass in their manufacture.

Recyclable. Biodegradable. Renewable.

Solar panels

Solar panels are vital to developing a sustainable future at Alameda, reducing carbon emissions and dependence on non-renewable energies, in line with our commitment to the environment.

WWTP/Aquatic macrophytes

Aquatic macrophytes are part of our water treatment processes. By absorbing nutrients naturally, they reduce sediment and improve oxygenation, guaranteeing the maintenance of biodiversity.

Integrated production

By minimizing the use of chemicals, integrated production is essential for preserving ecological balance, promoting quality grapes and sustainable wines in harmony with the environment.

Wines that reflect the unique and distinctive essence of Dão.